Computer Repair

Computer Repair
Has your computer started running extremely slow?
* Have you downloaded a nasty virus?
* Do you want a new dvd burner installed?
* Has smoke started pouring out of the back of your computer? (hopefully not)
None of these problems are too big or too small for us.

Repair options we offer include but are not limited to:
* Diagnose and Repair PCs that will not boot up or show the dreaded blue screen of death
* Upgrade and Update Operating System (Windows and most Linux distribution)
* Add, Upgrade or Replace hardware components (motherboard, memory, hard drives, etc.)
* Set-up a new PC
* Improve system performance by cleaning up junk files, programs, and configuration settings
* Remove Virus, Spy-ware and other malware that can compromise your privacy
* Diagnose and repair problems related to printing and other external devices
* Fix network and other Internet connection protocols
* Resolve computer driver and software issues
* Various data services including:
- Backing up user data onto External Media - Copy data from Old PC to a new one
- Securely Delete user data from old computer drives
- Perform possible data recovery from problematic and dying drives (conditions permitting)
* And pretty much anything else computer related!


Jacob Harris
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